How has Gedeon Richter reassured more than 240,000 women?


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In a nutshell

The older you get, the more difficult it may be to get pregnant. That is a scientific fact, but nothing is impossible. Along with Gedeon Richter, we are bringing the issue into the open and informing women about the different options. That way, they can decide for themselves when they are ready for motherhood.

What is Gedeon Richter?

Gedeon Richter is committed to women’s health in every phase of their lives. It has been fulfilling that commitment for more than 100 years, in more than 100 countries. Gedeon Richter focuses on improving its patients’ quality of life by treating their diseases and symptoms.

Our goal

To reassure women who are not yet ready to be mothers

Getting pregnant naturally becomes more difficult as you get older. Gedeon Richter aims to inform young women about the possibility of freezing their eggs. That gives them a better chance of getting pregnant later on if it no longer happens naturally. This is a noble cause that the superwomen and men in our team were really eager to commit to.

Our solution

A baby when I’m ready

In today’s society, many women make a conscious choice to have children later on. They are not yet ready to be mothers; perhaps they want to see the world first or establish a career. That will be familiar to many young women in their twenties and early thirties, as well as the worry that starting a family might not be possible any more by the time they are ready.

With ‘A baby when I’m ready’, Gedeon Richter and MonkeyProof inform young women about the possibility of freezing their eggs. They provide this information through:

  • Social media
  • Community management
  • Blog creation

Information squared

To help women make conscious choices about family planning, Gedeon Richter answers every possible question about keeping their fertility. Freezing eggs may be a solution. The clear information on the website makes it easier to reach a well-considered decision.

Social all the way 

How do you reach young women? On social media, of course. MonkeyProof guides them gently to the Gedeon Richter website using informative posts that they can identify with. Facebook and Instagram are our communication platforms.

Top results


women reached


website visitors


campaign per month

Knowledge is power

Thanks to our monthly campaign, we have brought the issue to the attention of 240,000 young women. #superwomen all the way! What is more, 6550 of them were stimulated to click on the website link and find out more about freezing their eggs.

These 240,000 women are now aware that they don’t need to give in to pressure from society. There are options and they know about them.

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