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In a nutshell

Our mission: to create a brightened-up, informative website that care providers can use for guidance. The result was a warm, feminine and human website, free from stereotypes, for the international pharmaceuticals company Gedeon Richter.

What is Gedeon Richter?

Gedeon Richter is committed to women’s health in every phase of their lives. It has been fulfilling that commitment for more than 100 years, in more than 100 countries. Gedeon Richter focuses on improving its patients’ quality of life by treating their diseases and symptoms.

Our goal

A makeover for the corporate website

Gedeon Richter’s corporate website needed a professional makeover. After all, Gedeon Richter is a growing international company that sets great store by innovation. So it was high time for the corporate website to reflect that too.

Our solution

‘feminine’, ‘human’ and ‘warm’

We got to work using the keywords ‘feminine’, ‘human’ and ‘warm’ to inform both patients and care providers about the therapeutic fields in which the company is active.

  • Web development
  • Web design
  • SEO copywriting

Everything explained as clearly as possible 

What does Gedeon Richter do? Now there is a crystal-clear answer to that question on the website We also extended the information about the therapeutic fields in which Gedeon Richter is active, ensuring that they were also easy to find using Google.

Topics such as fertility, contraception, the menopause, vaginal infections and uterine fibroids remain delicate. Women may be hesitant to seek information. Attractive visuals, an authoritative explanation and clear structure give them confidence and a sense of safety.

Useful starting point for care providers

From now on, care providers will also find everything they need to know about Gedeon Richter on the corporate website. In the protected area for professionals, they can see the product portfolio, pack inserts, flyers, webinars and download more product information.

They can consult all that information and share it with patients at any time. This is Gedeon Richter’s smart response to the ‘no paper policy’ that more and more doctors are introducing to their waiting rooms.

Top results

SEO really works!

The tripling of the number of organic visitors finding the site through Google since launch in December 2019 is proof of that. The 87 care providers who regularly use the website are great fans of the crystal-clear information it provides.

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