How do we get valuable leads for Murprotec?

In a nutshell…

What’s the advantage of great digital architects? Just ask Europe’s number one damp protection company, better known as Murprotec. MonkeyProof consolidates Murprotec’s position as a market leader on a daily basis with our digital solutions and campaigns: a website, online store, social media… you name it.

What is Murprotec?

Murprotec is the Belgian and European leader in damp proofing solutions. It is active in no fewer than 8 countries and takes on more than 12,000 projects a year. For a good 65 years, they have guaranteed definitive treatments for rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation and damp cellars. They entrust MonkeyProof with their digital marketing and websites.

Our goal?

To give a digital boost

Murprotec may be the market leader in Belgium and Europe, but the company is acutely aware that this position is not the finishing line.

Murprotec’s philosophy is clear: everyone has the right to a healthy, damp-free home. We want to help Murprotect spread this message so that more people know what options they have. We want to inform as many people as we can about the risks of damp in the home, both for human health and the home itself. We want to help people recognise damp. Because the faster you react, the better.

Besides creating awareness and informing the target group, lead generation is another of our priorities.

That’s no easy task, but our digital strategists and marketeers know what to do.

social post for Murprotec
Facebook post created by MonkeyProof for Murprotec
A new Facebook post for Murprotec

Our solution?

An open mind

After a thorough analysis of the market and company and a complete immersion in Murprotec’s operations, our digital architects came up with the most suitable media mix and online strategy. The analysis phase is crucial to a successful strategy. It broadens our gaze and opens up possibilities.

In the initial phase, no idea is too crazy to consider. Our strategists pulled out all the stops to design an impressive strategic plan. One that is extensive and full of opportunities. It was divided into ‘must haves’, ‘nice to haves’, ‘should haves’ and ‘would haves’. Because nobody can have everything all at once, as much as we might want to.

Every aspect of our strategy contributes to our goals:

  • Raising awareness
  • Providing information
  • Generating leads

During the year, we implemented every last detail of the plan we had drawn up. We analysed the results of our efforts regularly and made adjustments where necessary.

Murprotec website, designed and developed by MonkeyProof

New website

Murprotec België received a brand new website and a dazzling online store for maintenance products and ventilator filters. It has a uniform appearance that radiates confidence and expertise. Not to mention the website’s user friendliness, conversions, SEO quality and extensive content.

The new site applies behavioural psychology in various ways. We get right inside our target group’s mindset. Every detail is carefully considered and improved. That way, we create the environment that is most amenable to conversions.

We’re proud of the result! 

Top results!

Happy client, happy digitals

The Murprotec campaigns are rock solid! The astonishing results are proof of that. Clearly, our digital architects’ strategy and close monitoring are paying off.

  • Raising awareness: check
  • Providing information: check
  • Generating leads: check

We don’t merely adjust specific campaigns, however. We regularly scrutinise the entire online marketing strategy. You know what people say: “An online marketer is never done”.

The Murprotect website tells you everything about “damp in the home”

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